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Vehicle Products Overview

Vehicle Products for Everything from Semis to Farm Equipment to Race Cars

Performance & Improved Reliability

Discover motor oils, fuel conditioners, transmission fluids, gear oils and greases that noticeably enhance the performance and greatly extend the life of your vehicles. Our innovative products significantly improve fuel and lubrication systems, and continue to advance the private and commercial automotive care industry.

Conklin® vehicle products will:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Outperform other leading brands
  • Extend the life of your vehicles

A Parasynthetic Motor Oil

Extend the life of your vehicle or equipment and noticeably enhance its performance – simply by improving the quality of your motor oil. Convoy Parasynthetic Motor Oil is made from a specially formulated blend of synthetic oil, Poly alpha Olefin (PAO), conventional oil and Molybdenum – the best friction-reducing additive available. This unique combination helps you save time and money by:

  • Extending drain intervals 3 to 5 times longer
    than manufacturer’s recommendations.*

    That saves you the cost of oil, labor and downtime.
    And just imagine what you’ll save if you’re a fleet owner or manager.
  • Extending engine life.**
    You save on maintenance costs as well as valuable downtime.
  • Improving fuel economy.
    You save with every mile you drive.

Get more miles per buck. Choose the right viscosity for your vehicle or equipment by consulting the Convoy Usage Chart and/or the Lubricants Recommendation Guide.

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Conventional Oil Treatment

For those looking to improve their conventional oil, or to clean their higher mileage vehicle’s engine before switching to Convoy, Conklin offers TKO® Engine Oil Treatment.


Diesel Plus® Reduces Cold Weather Gelling

Road use diesel fuel is dyed green. When that fuel gets cold enough, it gels and looks like green Vaseline. Often vehicle fuel filters must be removed and replaced to get an engine running. Sometimes a vehicle must be towed into a heated service bay so the entire fuel system can be thawed. Both are costly procedures. A good customer of mine sent me these photos. As a fleet owner, my customer used to stock Conklin Diesel Plus® diesel fuel supplement and a competitor’s diesel fuel supplement. His drivers could choose which supplement to use in their trucks. The photos, taken on a cold day, show diesel treated with the competitor’s brand. I would like to show you photos, taken on the same day, of filters containing Diesel Plus® treated fuel. But I can’t. All of the trucks with Diesel Plus® treated fuel were out on the road hauling freight. This fleet owner is now a very good customer. Go figure.

Bill C.

Dike® to the Rescue, Again

I have a friend who has a 1999 GMC Sierra 1500. He called me awhile back and wanted some of Conklin’s Dike® radiator stop leak. He had added about 2 gallons of coolant in 2 weeks and was not sure where it was leaking to. The day he called me he had checked his oil and it was way overfull and was creamy colored from coolant. He put one pint of Dike® in and changed his oil a couple times. Just a few weeks ago he told me he has kept an eye on the coolant level and oil level and everything is normal, the radiator is staying full and the oil level is normal. Just one more person that a Conklin product has saved someone an expensive repair!

Weldon K.