Paint & Coatings

Colorful, Colorfast

Conklin’s Show Kote® Exterior and Interior Paints let you transform your home or building in no time, with color and character that lasts for years!

Our paints are smoother, thicker, and provide maximum coverage. That’s because we use only the finest raw materials. And we limit the water content. The resulting content is high in solids so one coat is typically all you need — saving you significant time and labor.

And with 940 appealing shades and multiple finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect color combinations.

Put on a colorful, colorfast Show Kote for years of great wear. Click on the downloads to the right for specific product information

Our colorful coats wear well

Conklin’s specialty coatings help you add professionalism to your company and personality to your home while minimizing costly maintenance.

For example, we’ve taken our expertise in the acrylic roof coating industry and developed coatings that are more flexible than conventional paint. So they accommodate building movement and the effects of temperature extremes — refusing to crack, chip or peel. Bottom line? Your home or building will look like new longer.

For today’s popular metal surfaces such as siding, corrugated steel and metal fascia, we offer several reflective, weather-resistant coatings that can help you reduce cooling costs.