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Since 1970 Conklin cleaners have made homes, businesses and institutions cleaner, healthier places to live and work. Because they perform so well and so fast at a great price, thousands of loyal customers wouldn’t think of using another cleaner or laundry product.

They know our fast-acting formulas make every surface shiny clean without harsh odors or allergens. Professional cleaners rely on Conklin’s industrial-strength formulas to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs easily and safely. Find out for yourself how Conklin cleaners can make your environment cleaner and healthier.


I’ll never be without Mox®. My daughter and I were cleaning a rental house that she was moving out of. It was late in the day and we were very tired. I pulled the filters out of the hood over the stove. It looked like they had never been cleaned!! I was tired so I grabbed a small trash can and filled it with water and dumped in some Mox®. As we left, I told my daughter: “I will scrub these tomorrow when we come back”. The next afternoon we came back and I pulled the filters out of the trash can. They were sparkling clean!!! Just like brand new! All I had to do was rinse them off, dry them and put them back into the stove hood. I was truly amazed at how well this product works. I will never be with out Mox® again!

Jane B.
Lincoln, NE

We had a house fire that gutted the upstairs. We used MOX® to wash dishes, furniture and mirrors that were black with smoke and the black stuff just ran off. After the rooms were re-drywalled and patched, we used Conklin SHOW KOTE® paint and really liked the looks of it. Also, we used about a third less in gallons than we would have with other paint and had easy clean-up! We would not go back to any other cleaners!

Marlin & Loretta L.
Woodburn, IN